Cloth Diaper Series: Prefolds and Flats

Cloth Diaper Series: Prefolds and FlatsThese are the kind of cloth diapers that your parents and grand-parents warned you about. The ones that when you mention you are thinking about using cloth diapers make everyone go “oh no, those are awful and hard to use.” Well prefolds and flats might have been hard at one point but modern technology has made even these easy to use! These are also the most affordable cloth diapers you can make your whole stash for $100 dollars or less. So what are they and how do they work? They are rectangle pieces of cloth that can be folded around your babies bum. A flat is one layer of cloth and a prefold has layers sewn together. You can secure these using a pins, a snappi, boingo, or just lay it into a water proof cover. For flats there are many options that you can use to recycle things you already have to make them. Receiving blankets make great flats, as do old sheets. I will do a more in depth post on this another time. Here are some great videos on how to use a prefold or a flat.

So where can you get these?

I really like the econobum, theses were the first cloth diapers I ever bought and I used them while I was building up the rest of my stash. Green Mountain Diapers is also another great place. Sweet Bottoms also has a great selection of prefolds and flats.


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