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Kayla Dickens


Hey y’all my name is Kayla. I was born and raised (mostly) in Georgia. My mother is a chiropractor and I have grown up around natural methods of treatment for just about everything. I am an antenatal, birth, and postpartum doula. I adore animals and have quite a few of them, three dogs, two cats, and a horse. I am sure that many of you reading this will at some point read about my animals because they are such a large part of my life. I am married to a wonderful and loving husband, Lance, and we have two beautiful babies (b/g twins) Sterling and Sabin. These three are the loves of my life and have inspired me to go for my dreams and give life all I have. I want to bring them the best in life and one way I can do that is by providing them with a healthy organic lifestyle.Taking care of my family is what led me to making skin care products for them and for others. I absolutely love coming up with new ideas and recipes to use on my skin and to share with others.








  1. Mirror of your Health says:

    I like so much your new website,so bright and interesting design.I wish you all the best.Krystyna

    • 2moms says:

      Thank you so much! We are so excited about our new website and are so happy that you like it.

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