(No More Chub Rub!) Silky Summer Thigh Powder

No More Chub Rub DIY Powder | Montaina Mamas' Blog | mntmommies.com

I wanna share my secret for my least favorite part of my summer, chub rub. No thigh gap on this girl and it rubs even wearing long shorts or pants, and lemme tell ya, it is a real summer downer.

It is finally getting warm here in Montana we’re expecting temperatures above 80 for the first time this summer later in the week. Now I am used to Georgia summers where temperatures get above 90 with 100% humidity. And WHEW let me tell you, the blisters and welts I have had because of that. It seems better here in Montana though! It has barely been above 75 and it is already July. But tomorrow is the 4th and I plan on doing some hiking, which means sweating. Albeit a lot less than what I used to. Back in Georgia you took one step out the door and immediately started sweating. It was like outside was your own personal sauna. Here I actually have to put in a bit of effort to sweat, and I’m thinking a 4 mile hike might do that.

Now I used to just swipe a stick of deodorant down my legs and it seemed to help, that was before I went all natural though. I tried some of my baking soda based deodorant. PLEASE if you love your thighs don’t ever do that…it quadrupled the chafing problem.

So wanna know my secrets to keep my thighs dry and friction free naturally?

Homemade cocoa butter and clay powder.

No More Chub Rub Recipe!


5 tsp. Arrowroot Powder https://amzn.to/2J4p9oi
5 tsp. Kaolin Clay https://amzn.to/2HGM1L3
1 tsp. Organic Cocoa Butter https://amzn.to/2vpsagZ
and 3-5 Drops Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

You take the cocoa butter and 1-2 teaspoons of arrowroot powder and blitz in a coffee/spice grinder a few seconds until fairly smooth. Then dump it and your remaining ingredients in a bowl and stir until combined and pour into a shaker and use! That’s it. Super simple right?


I also love to use the Young Living Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream if I forget to use my powder one day and get a bit of a rash.

Now I absolutely love this powder, but some days I still need a bit of extra help in the form of a physical barrier. One of my favorites are Bandalettes. Lace bands that go over your thighs with a few rows of non-slip silicone. The stop the rub, and my human thinks they are pretty sexy! MEEEOW!!!!! 

No More Chub Rub DIY Powder | Montaina Mamas' Blog | mntmommies.com