Why Use Cloth Diapers?

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Do you use disposable paper diapers?

I chose not to for multiple reasons. The least of which is that my daughter is allergic to almost all disposable diapers (I think it may be the bleach). So here is a list of reasons why I use cloth diapers.

1. Money– This one is huge, with twins I do everything I can to save money and using cloth diapers is a huge help. I have spent $600 dollars total on my diaper stash for twins, compare that with the $3,000-$4,000 that would be spent on disposable diapers for twins. Now to do this of course you must cloth diaper smartly which I will go into on another post. And you can use them for more than one baby!

2. Chemicals– Many paper diapers are packed full of dangerous chemicals. Here is a link that explains what many of these chemicals are. I encourage you to look up information for yourselves about them and decide based on facts whether or not you want your baby exposed to them.

3. The Environment– Most diapers do not break down easily and take up lots of space in landfills. The SAP beads (what absorbs the liquids) can cause blockages in animals if ingested. I have heard of many a dog having to go to the vet after breaking into the dirty diapers.

4. Helps With Potty Training– My babies are only seven months old and they definitely know the difference between wet and dry and do not like to be wet one bit. If I put my son in disposables (which I occasionally do while washing cloth) he does not even notice he is wet but if he is in his cloth he screams until I change him. Many parents who use cloth diapers have seen their children like this and have potty trained their children very quickly later on (Now I am not saying every child will be like this, some kids just don’t care if they are wet or not).

5. They Are Just So Darn Cute– I may be slightly obsessed with cloth diapers. I love to match the diapers to the kids outfit for the day. I mean really how could you not love to see those tiny baby tushes in bright colors and adorable prints?


There are some greener disposable diapers out there, which I will discuss in a later post.


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So do you use cloth or disposable diapers? Why or why not?

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  1. Erin Long of Home and Grace says:

    I’ve used cloth with both my babies and LOVE them! I use them for all the same reasons you have here. There are moments where I know it would be so much easier to just use disposables, but they’re not worth it! 99% of the time I don’t find them inconvenient (though you are right – you have to do them smartly).

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