Lavender Essential Oil to Help Baby Sleep

So today’s post is brought to you by this cute little stinker.


My sweet darling Sterling has decided that 3 AM is a great time to wake up and play, loudly, very loudly. She also decided that when no one else wants to play with her she should yell at the top of her little lungs. Which then leads to waking up dear brother, who is not very happy about being woken up early (my little man likes a full 10 hours of sleep minimum). Sabin then maneuvers himself so he can yell at Sterling and pull on her hair to show his displeasure (I know such sweet loving babies at 6 months, can’t wait to see how they treat each other as they get older).

So I get up to go settle them both down and give Sterling her pacifier. I go lay back down get all comfy and am almost back asleep when she spits the paci out and starts yelling some more. I get up, settle her back down, give her the pacifier again, lay back down…ten minutes later it is out again and she is crying. This goes on for an hour or so, I checked her diaper, checked if she was hungry, snuggled her, did everything I could with no luck. Meanwhile dear Dad is asleep through all of this (I have no idea how he does it). So finally I got sick of stumbling through the dark to put her paci back in and turned on the lamp and went over there.

I looked down at her and she was screaming her head off and smiling at the same time. The little booger was faking me out. She wasn’t really upset at all, she was just playing a game. I am pretty sure babies live to see that tired exhausted look on Mommy’s face, I think they think it is funny. It wasn’t funny to me though. Now that I knew there was nothing wrong and she was just awake it was time to pull out my weapon. Lavender essential oil.


I seriously love this stuff. I have a humidifier with a place to put things like essential oils so I added a few drops to the diffuser cup on my humidifier. With in 5 minutes my playful bundle of joy was passed out.

So the next night I got my humidifier all set up with the lavender essential oil. At 3 AM when she woke up I turned it on and she fell right back asleep. It is great being able to sleep again because with twins I seriously need all the sleep I can get!

Have you ever used essential oils for your baby, if so how and did you like it?

WARNING: Essential oils should be used with caution especially if pregnant or on certain medications please check with a certified aromatherapist or qualified health care professional before using essential oils.

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