Chemical Burn From Soap

How many of ya’ll remember The Oregon Trail game? Well for those of you that do…Leigh has dysentery (not using the persons first name for privacy reasons)! I have been cracking Oregon Trail jokes for the last few days. Leigh isn’t very amused but I totally am.

Anyways dysentery is caused by a nasty little bacteria called Shigella and it can be spread from person to person if proper sanitary measures are not taken. We were told to use and anti-bacterial soap to help keep it from spreading. Usually I am very against anti-bacterial soaps, but with 2 six month olds in the house, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to keep them safe and healthy.

So I start using the soap. The first time I used it my hands felt like they were on fire. I rinsed it off as soon as I could and was left with these awful, painful, red patches on the tops of both my hands. At first I though it was just an allergic reaction. The pain just kept getting worse though, finally I went to get it checked out. It turned out the soap had given me a chemical burn.


It has taken a few days and many experimental creams and herbal blends to finally get my hands to feel better. I finally settled on an herbal infused coconut oil that I applied directly to the skin and that I mixed into a salve and applied. I will share the recipe for the infused oil tomorrow and will hopefully have the salve up for sale soon.


  1. jeremyandbrandie says:

    My daughter actually was chemically burned earlier this month from an anti-bacterial soap from a well known company. They now want me to sign papers saying I wont sue them now. :/ Wish I had found this post before taking her in for a check up, would have saved money on a bunch of creams we tried using.

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