DIY Toothpaste and Why Regular Toothpaste is Bad

toothpasteSo today we are going to talk about a simple DIY toothpaste recipe. Generic store bought toothpaste has many toxins in it. I encourage all of you to go research each ingredient that is put into your toothpaste and see for yourself what it is you are putting into your mouth and body.

Many toothpastes are also very abrasive and actually damage your teeth.  Look to see how abrasive your toothpaste is here.

Have you ever read the toothpaste warning saying that if it is ingested to contact a poison control center? Ever wonder why that was there? It is there because of fluoride. Fluoride is actually a poison and if ingested it can make you severely sick and even kill. One tube of toothpaste has enough fluoride in it to kill a child weighing less than 66 pounds (30kg). Yet they make it in those yummy flavors like bubblegum and berry that make kids just want to eat it. Read more about the dangers of fluoride here.

There is also lots of doubt as to the effectiveness of fluoride read more about it here.

Now that we’ve talked about why I personally don’t like toothpaste lets talk about a simple recipe to make toothpaste at home.

What You Need

  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons baking soda
  • 20 drops peppermint essential oil
  • Stevia to sweeten to taste if wanted


Mix all the ingredients together. You can melt the coconut oil some in the microwave or on a double boiler if needed, it does not need to be liquid just soft and easily stirred. Then store it in a small jar and put a small amount on your toothbrush. I use a small silver spoon to scoop out my toothpaste. Since silver is antibacterial I don’t have to worry about adding bad bacteria to my toothpaste.

I am working on making another toothpaste with a few more ingredients but when I get it right, I will be sure and share it.



    • 2momsnaturalskincare says:

      I have used cinnamon oil too. I just did not mention it because cinnamon can really irritate the skin of some people. It is not recommended to be used on any product that touches the skin by many.

    • 2momsnaturalskincare says:

      I have heard that. I actually get my baking soda from though or Bob’s Red Mill because I can get those in bulk easily and it is not made through a chemical process. On the article it says that some people believe it may contain aluminum, it is not confirmed. I have my doubts though because if it did it would then be false advertising/mislabeling of ingredients and then Arm and Hammer could get in lots of trouble. I think many people confuse baking soda for baking powder which often does have aluminum in it. Another thing to factor in is that Arm and Hammer products do not specifically label aluminum free no baking soda ever had until Bob’s Red Mill and they did that as a marketing tactic which worked very well. If you find out for sure one or other please let me know.

  1. organicforpennies says:

    This is awesome, I have most of these ingredients and am going to pick up some stevia and give it a try. I often use an herbal tooth powder, but there are moments when that’s just not socially as cool as toothpaste.

    Sad to say, I consumed toothpaste as a child. I liked the taste, so I would brush with it and then swallow it. For years. Never told my parents.

    • 2momsnaturalskincare says:

      Thank you so much AmieJo! I hope you like this recipe. If you ever have any questions about transitioning to more natural products just ask. I have a ton of recipes that I haven’t put up on here yet. I also hope you had a great vacation!

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