DIY Postpartum Spray

Soothing DIY Postpartum Spray | Montain Mamas' Blog| I wish I had a been a doula and used essential oils when I had my twins. The only way I got any relief after their birth was with those little frozen snap packs I got at the hospital. When I ran out of those I literally sat down and cried for a solid forty minutes. My heart was broken and it felt like my vagina was too. So I started taking ibuprofen every couple of hours to keep it all manageable. I really wish someone had told me that there was a more natural way refresh, soothe, and support my postpartum lady bits.

When I completed my doula training and joined the wonderful world of doulas I learned so many things and one of them was a postpartum spray. I always make this up and give it as a gift to my doula clients. I’ve tweaked the recipe over the last year and many of my clients are in LOVE with it.

So I thought it was time to share this wonderful recipe with you guys!

DIY Postpartum Spray

  1. Use a 4-6 oz. glass spray bottle and a funnel.
  2. Add the witch hazel, aloe, water, and vegetable glycerin to the bottle.
  3. Remove the funnel and then drop in your essential oils.
  4. Shake to combine.
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Now you are ready to use it. Just spray a few times after using the restroom. I’ve found that many women like to keep it in the fridge so it is cooling when they spray it on.

Soothing DIY Postpartum Spray | Montain Mamas' Blog|

How do you support your body after birth?