Clarisonic Really Works…From a Hardcore Disbeliever!

**Note this post is NOT I repeat NOT an affiliate post about Clarisonic. It is just me telling you about a product I loooove! I get no money if you go and get yourself a Clarisonic today.**


I have struggled with skin issues for a long time. I have had acne and dry, peely, flaky skin combined with super oily areas. I really started getting my skin under control when I switched to an Organic Face Wash. It was doing a great job but I would still have really bad breakouts occasionally, especially around that time of the month.

So I started looking for some options that would help clear my pores out better. I was using a bamboo washcloth for a while and that was okay. I had looked into Clarisonic before. I honestly thought it was just an overpriced piece of plastic that wouldn’t do anything. I mean really what more could it do for my skin than I already was?

Then comes my Mom who had bought the Clarisonic Aria that she had gotten half price. She asked me if I wanted to try it for myself and see how it worked. So I said sure. I mean I didn’t shell out the big bucks, so if it didn’t do anything…meh, whatever. So I started using it not expecting anything.


The Results

After the first time I used it my skin was sooooo incredibly soft. Like the skin on my twins baby heinies soft. But, soft skin can just be a product of exfoliation. It didn’t mean the Clarisonic was really doing anything.

I continued to use the Clarisonic and had minimal breakouts for 1 week, then 2, then 3. That time of the month came and went and still no bad breakouts maybe one or two bumps and that was it.  It was great!

My skin also looked much fresher and it seems that my makeup goes on smoother now because it does not have many dead skin cells to cling to.

I’ve also noticed a definite decrease in black head appearance. Now they aren’t gone completely yet, but they are well on their way to being gone for good!

As with any change in your skin care routine your face might break out a bit to start with. I did not have any extra breakouts but I have heard tell of many people that have. This will be especially true for those of you who do not exfoliate often because as you use the Clarisonic your skin will start to purge all the nastiness, impurities, and bacteria from deep within your pores, which can cause your skin to break out. It will get better in a couple of weeks!

Something I discovered about the Clarisonic after using it for a while is that the outer part of the brush head pops off and just leaves the inner part to use. I absolutely love this feature because it allows you to really get around your nose!


Clarisonic really works|