Hair Loss After Pregnancy


Hey ya’ll it’s Kayla and I am going to share a story with ya’ll about one of the strangest after pregnancy effects ever. This is one I had no idea about and it kinda freaked me out…Okay maybe kinda isn’t the right word, I was completely terrified!

I had my two beautiful babies at the end of August. I was so happy, they were the two most precious babies ever (I know every mom thinks that about her babies). Fast forward a few months to the first week in December.

I was in the bathroom brushing out my hair and looked at the brush. It was full of hair and I had just cleaned it a few days ago. I was a little weirded out this had never happened to me before. So I went all…Internet Hooo (um, yeah I watched the ThunderCats when I was a kid…a lot)! Yeah, this was not very helpful because I had no idea what I was really looking for.

So I thought, seasonal shedding (it’s a real thing read about it here). Yeah, that sounds good, it hit me a little late but the symptoms fit, so I should only have a few weeks of this. Now lets skip ahead to after the New Year.

My hair is still falling out my mind is totally in hypochondriac overdrive. I would just run my hand through my hair and pull the stuff out by the fist-full. I must have lupus, or cancer, or my husband was poisoning me(he would never really because he would be hopeless without me).  I was dying…I just knew there was no other explanation. I only had a few months to live, because really what besides some horrible deadly disease is going to make your hair fall out like this.

I was talking to my doula, friend, and now business partner one day Anisha and we were talking about hair falling out and she said the same thing happened to her.  So….Internet Hooo, again to find the answer. The answer was actually pretty simple. Hormones…those damn hormones! They really like to screw with us women.

Turns out that the reason our hair gets so nice and thick during pregnancy is because the hormones that cause you to shed hair every day is produced less so your hair stays in. Then after you have your baby and your hormones get in some sort of normal balance. BAM…your hair just drops. All those hairs that stayed in start falling out at the same time.

After about two months the hair fall finally stops, although your temples may end up looking a bit bald, and after six months your hair is supposed to be back to normal. I’ll update ya’ll when I reach that point and tell you if it is really true or not. So for any of you other Mama’s out there freaking out about your hair…it is normal and it will pass.

 So What Can I Do About It

Unfortunately, you can’t stop the hair from falling but you can help it grow back faster.

  1. Keep up those prenatal vitamins; they do wonders for your hair.
  2. Get some gelatin and have that every day about 3 tablespoons worth.
  3. Do some hot oil treatments.